Bigg Boss 11 Contestant: Sapna Choudhary — Watch Dance (6 Crore Views) and Instagram

Sapna Choudhary, very popular & Talented Dancer from Haryana.

Sapna Choudhary completed her basic Education from Haryana. She is rose to famous for seen in Orkestra Shows.

Her videos on youtube have millions of views and she dances for big political rallies, as per Bigg Boss show.



Her Instagram profile attracted more than 50,000 followers:

Subh Ratri

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Her Dancing Career:

She started to dance since childhood. She used to go with her mother to participate in the dance competition. She belongs to a middle-class family. Her father passed away when she was 12 years old. Her family has a lot of financial problems that’s why she started dancing as a career as she is elder. She started Ragini Singing and Stage dancing in the orchestra. She got famous and got offers to work in the music album. She is famous in Social media like youtube facebook and Instagram.

Suicide attempt:

She attempted suicide after reading bad comments last year on social media but recovered later.


Personal Life:

She has full support from her family for her dancing career. She is not yet married. She belongs to Haryana state. and known for Haryanvi songs.

Post Bigg Boss:

Sapna Chaudhary evicted from Bigg Boss house on 26th November 2017, after spending 65 days. This turned out to be a controversy as many surveys shown were having more votes for Sapna than other nominated members. This even became a big shock to her fans as many predicted she would be the winner of Bigg Boss 11.

Salman Khan spoke about the main reason behind her eviction. The reason Salman exposed was the Hina Khan’s decision to save Love Tyagi and let Sapna to put in nominations.

To everyone’s surprise, Sapna bagged the offer from Remo D’Souza in the Salman Khan’s next movie Race 3.

All the best to Sapna for her Bollywood debut.