Bigg Boss 11 Contestant: Sshivani Durga — Watch Video and Instagram

Shivani is dharma guru, a Researcher, Traveller, Explorer and an Occultist. She is Aghori Panth Sadhvi. She runs a Youtube channel and has a website too. She is always accompanied by Cinematographer, Photographer and Marketing manager, and lives life like a heroine. She has tattoos. She exposed trikal bhavanta racket. She has got place in Tryambakeshwar sadhu gram.

This is her Youtube channel:



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She is active on her Instagram Profile:

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Here is some information from her website : 

She is The founder of IWCVT [Indian Wiccan Community and Vodou Temple]  She is  PhD in Astro-Occultism from the University of Chicago.
An accomplished Wiccan and a Vodou specialist Sshivani years of experience in healing ,exorcism ,and clinical hypnosis there by curing through past life regression. A renowned psychic Sshivani can envision the future and help in altering the outcomes as well as know the past and heal it. She is currently working on the ancient secret languages of Runes,Theban,Malachim and the angelic language. A Writer par excellence,Sshivani has written para-psychic papers for many journals and also appeared on Television solving queries online and in person.

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Now it is you, who will be deciding Sshivani Durga’s future, comment your thoughts below.


Sshivani Durga has been eliminated from the Show. She tried to put her thoughts in front of people but could not influence audience much. During Show she mentioned about her daughter that she is very beautiful and was not happy with her Biggboss Entry. She tried to be calm during the show but lost her calm in last few days.

After elimination she is continuing her work and active on facebook, youtube and instagram.


Posted by Sshivani Durga on Thursday, November 30, 2017


She is  owner of Wiccan Altar. Wiccan Altar is a place to get all Metaphysical, Wicca, Vodou,Tantra, Magickal, Vastu, Feng Shui and Spiritual Products and Services like Readings, Consultation, Counselling ,Past Life Therapy, Angel Therapy, Hypno- Psycho Therapy, Crystal and Other Healing, Candle Magick, Spell Casting, Rune Casting , Rituals, Workshops, and Classes, Under One Roof.

All The Best to Sshivani Durga.