Bigg Boss Housemates Meet their Families and Loved Ones

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After 65 days, Bigg Boss Housemates meet their families and loved ones in the 7th December’s episode. Bigg Boss has given “Statue” luxury budget task to housemates. Bigg Boss Will give instruction to housemates to “Freeze” or “Release” time to time.  In this weeks luxury budget task no planning, plotting or strategies will work.  It will test individual contestants self-control as well as emotional control and patience.

During the task, Puneesh Sharma’s Father Visit the house when all contestants were in Freeze instruction of big boss. Punesh gets emotional seeing his father after 2 months. He started crying and hug his father. He introduced everyone to his father. His father said Puneesh’s mother wants to meet Shilpa Shinde after the show.



When Shilpa Shinde’s mother entered the house, as contestants were in the freeze state, Shilpa’s mother said everyone is playing very good but don’t fight each other. She is happy that everyone gave her daughter mothers place and to respect the word “Mother” Because mother’s place is invaluable in the universe. Lastly, She apologized if she said anything over.

Vikas Gupta gets teary when he saw his mother. Vikas and all housemates were asked to be in Freeze state. She asked Vikas to dance his favorite step. Both of them thanked each other for being special in each other’s life. She gave flying kiss to Arshi while leaving the house.


Most Surprising visit in-house was Priyank Sharma’s girlfriend Divya Agarwal. She has broken up with Priyank and announced publicly outside the house. Priyank Sharma doesn’t know about the breakup. It will interesting to see how he will come to know. Divya opened up in front of Priyank and said he has hurt many girls including her. She said she lost her existence and asked him if he remembers her. Lastly, She said she wanted to scold him but after seeing him she melted down. Divya and Priyank met first time in MTV Splitsvilla, from the first episode they got close to each other and remained couple till finale and won the show. Lets we all hope they patch up and be a couple as before.

Raj, agar yeh tujhe pyaar karti hai, toh yeh palat ke dekhegi. Palat… Palat… Palat… @divyaagarwal_official

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