Salman Khan In Bigg Boss 14 Press Conference

Salman Khan In Bigg Boss 14 Press Conference


The first virtual press conference of Bigg Boss 14 was held today at 4 pm in Mumbai. On this special occasion, Bigg Boss 13 winner Siddharth Shukla appeared with Salman Khan. Though the event was not like a press conference, as questions were asked from the media, but no media questions were asked to Salman.

It is obvious that after the Sushant Singh Rajput case, Salman was seen avoiding the anger of people on social media about Salman Khan.

In order to make this press conference positive, Salman Khan expressed his sympathy towards children suffering from cancer. Repeatedly and several times tried to convey this, by hosting Bigg Boss 14, he is giving livelihood to many people. It is very important to start their work, many people will get employment from this.

Salman also said that he was scared and looks before coming to the shooting. The reason is that there are children and elders at home. This press conference was lead by Siddharth Shukla.

Let us tell you in detail what questions Siddharth Shukla asked Salman Khan. Siddharth asked, ‘Sir, how do you feel after shooting on these days? Salman said in response, ‘I am afraid. Because everyone is wearing PPE kits and mask-gloves, but the mic that is still in my shirt,If its distance is back and forth, then when they come to recover, then it seems that anyone wearing a mask will come and kiss anyone. Nowadays, sneezing, cough and kiss are also very scared. Are you afraid of anything How is your partner Shehnaz Gill? ‘

Siddharth next asked, what kind of hope do you expect from Bigg Boss 14? In response, Salman said, ‘Life is the name of moving forward. If you are a fan of Bigg Boss, then his mind will move away from everything else. The livelihood will begin.

On social media, some people will support guests in Bigg Boss house. Some people myIf they are together then some will be against me and people will join because people are very passionate about Big Boss. A quarrel will start between the fans. Just their mutual quarrel is a bit limited and in the right language.



Salman further adds, ‘These 16 contestants who are going to the Bigg Boss house will be happy, because they are getting work. Elsewhere the shooting is stopped, if shooting is going on somewhere then shooting stops because of someone being kovid, then it starts.

Now such people who are going to go to the Bigg Boss house,All those people will stay in the continent for the first 14 days, after that if they go inside the house, then the next 3 to 4 months will be very safe.

Now people living in the house can do anything inside, but those who are outside the house will have to be cautious. It is a pleasure that Big Boss is happening and because of this many people are getting livelihood. ‘

Siddharth asked the next question, ‘Were you so scared before coming to the shoot, why were you so scared? Salman said, ‘Yes there was fear, fear for the family. There is a small newborn child in the house (sister Arpita’s children). My elderly parents are there, they are aunts.

There are many senior citizen friends and their parents. soI am afraid In this corona, perhaps more fear is felt for their family members than for themselves. What to do with such a disease, which is not visible, which has shut down the whole world. Mess with what appears.

Everyone has to start work. If we work, then we will have GDP. Need money for things that are needed. Everyone is connected to each other. If you buy what you need, the person in front will be able to save. Will have to work or else there will be trouble of eating and drinking.

You can answer this 2020 year with the Employment itself. Rosie-Roti will start when Big Boss answers 2020Will get Your fans will say that the less enemies, the happier you will be.

I have not taken so much leave in the last 30 years, as I had to take forceful in this last 6 months. It was a forceful holiday. Earlier I used to have a holiday from 25 December to 5 January, but since I am doing Big Boss, I also have to work in it.



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